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“We are Montgomery County”

Scott Stephens’ parents moved to Montgomery County in 1961. Back then, he and his friends had the biggest playground in the world, we now know it as The Woodlands. Stephens proudly states “We are Montgomery County” because they were among some of the first families to move to the county. Stephens feels a special connection to the area because of his history here. There was a time when they knew everybody in the county. Even though the area has seen tremendous growth over the years, he still tries to get to know all his customers.

How It All Started

The spark that ignited Stephens’ passion for enhancing trucks began with his dad and uncle many years ago. They would equip their trucks with bigger tires in order to find the best hunting locations. The off-road world did not exist back in the 1970’s, so they had to pull up their sleeves and do all the hard work themselves. In 1977, his dad bought a K5 Blazer and this time it was Stephens who wanted to make it bigger and better, and like they say, the rest is history.

Monster Truck Years

Stephens was the owner and operator of the King Krunch Monster Truck Team from 1982 – 2001. He and his team were the first to bring corporate sponsors to the monster-truck arena, including Coors, Auto Value, Good Year, and NAPA. The King Krunch team, with Stephens behind the wheel, was one of the top rated monster truck teams on the national circuit for many years.

During the monster truck years, in the early 1980’s, he also owned a 4-wheel drive shop in Houston, which he moved to The Woodlands in 1984.

“Truck Attitude”

In 2002, Stephens decided to move to Magnolia, the hub of the truck world in this area. Texas Truck Works was founded in 2003 after Stephens sold his monster truck interests to focus more on his custom truck retail business.

This is where “Truck Attitude” was born. Stephens’ philosophy is “we don’t build the biggest, we build the best.” He explains that a person’s truck is a reflection of their personality. They want their truck to ride well and look good – it is an extension of them. Stephens emphasizes that Texas Truck Works is people focused – it’s about working people who want the best. There are three driving forces to Stephens’ business: people, quality, and service.

Stephens and his team at Texas Truck Works offer top-of-the-line truck customizing, high-end products, and timely service. He explains “our products accent what the vehicle already does.” Because of his vast experience enhancing and building trucks when he was younger and the 20 years as a monster truck team owner and operator, Stephens knows every part of a truck. He has owned, built, and worked on them all.

Texas Truck Works Mission Statement

To develop a personal relationship with each customer and build their truck or jeep to exceed their expectations from the sale to many years of use.


Stephens is happily married to his lovely wife, Karyn, and proud father to three wonderful children. His son, who is very interested in trucks and motorcycles, daughter who is in vet school at A&M, and his youngest is still in high school.

Hall of Fame

In 2013, Stephens was inducted into the Monster Truck Hall of Fame in Indiana. This is when he fully realized the impact he had on his supporters, especially children. Monster truck rallies are 2 1/2 hours of pure fun, a break from reality for the fans. Kids are big followers of the monster truck world and Stephens was moved to see so many of them at the Hall of Fame ceremony.