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About Us

About Us

Texas Truck Works was founded in 2003 after Scott Stephens, the previous owner and operator of the King Krunch Monster Truck Team, sold his monster truck interests to focus more on his custom truck retail business.

Scott Stephens and his King Krunch team were the first to bring corporate sponsors to the monster-truck arena, including Coors, Auto Value, Good Year, NAPA, etc. over 25 years ago

The King Krunch team, with Stephens behind the wheel, was one of the top rated monster-truck teams on the national circuit for many years.  This is where the interest or obsession with enhancing the average truck first began. Now at the reigns of Texas Truck Works, his team offers top-of-the-line truck customizing, high-end products and timely service.

“Our Goal at Texas Truck Works is to Build Real World vehicles”

Serving  Southeast Texas for over 40 years, Texas Truckworks are specialist in all things Trucks and Jeeps. Contact us for your personalized quote.

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